Years before I was aware of my natural intuitive gifts, I began to tap into them through intuitive walking. This practice developed in my early twenties, when I went solo travelling for the first time. Armed with a map hidden in my pocket just in case, I explored the streets of Berlin, Prague and Budapest with only my senses. Taking each turn as it came, seeing which street or alleyway seemed more inviting to me. Often, I found hidden gems — sweet cafes, secret gardens and tiny museums I wouldn’t have explored otherwise. In addition to these physical places, as…

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2019 has been a huge year of change. I don’t know about you — but it seems like almost everyone I know has gone through some kind of huge life transition or life affirming shift this year. I’m betting it’s only going to get wilder in 2020.

Many of us are making big changes in our life. It’s a good idea to reach out for professional help to assist us with our messy unfolding, re-calibration or whatever you want to call it. Someone who’s committed to helping us to realise our best, most delicious and successful selves, can undoubtedly help…

Photo by Nicole Geri

An indulgent summer’s dream

This summer, during my journey of awakening and mission of self-activation cleverly disguised as aimless wandering — I found myself in Hamburg, Germany.

In a (semi)rare moment of indulgence, I decided to treat myself to a designer apartment for a 1 night stay in between the places of friends. Stepping into this apartment, I played a game of “future self now”. This is a game I come to often, to help me to step into my idealised identity in the present moment. It’s really powerful. Quantum physics in action. For another story.

The future me

So there, checking into the swanky tall-ceilinged apartment…

A rude awakening

After a crash course spiritual awakening in 2017, I fell into a dark spiral of internet research and pressure that would take me months to climb out of.

Having suddenly discovered that I was actually part of the universe and had some kind of purpose here on earth, I became obsessed with finding out how to be a better, more conscious human. Every day I would search for new ways to live a more spiritual life, attain more health, wellness, energy or just plain enlightenment. And every day I was met with information.

In the first stages of my healing…

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

Our bodies are much more than flesh and blood. Deep and infinite intelligence sits within each of our cells. When we engage actively with this wisdom, we can open up routes to better health, emotional stability and embodying more of our juicy, unique selves. If you are interested in living more from the body, and less from the head – these practices are for you.

Since being on the road to healing from hormone imbalances, I’ve learned that our bodies are capable of more than we imagine. They are really quite miraculous, AND they want to tell us about it…

Claire Fox

Advocating for New Earth paradigm through individual healing and activation of personal truth. Into energy dynamics, intuition, body intelligence.

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